1. Transparency Report
  2. government-data-requests


The numbers reported below represent requests for user data received by Yahoo during the specified reporting period from government agencies of Mexico. Each Government Data Request was processed in a manner consistent with law and the applicable Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Government Data Requests


No Data Found Rejected Only NCD Disclosed Content Disclosed Total Government Data Requests Total Government Specified Accounts
6 17 10 0 33 55


Government Specified Accounts

The number of Yahoo accounts listed in or about which information was disclosed in response to a Government Data Request. This number may not reflect the number of users and accounts actually involved because: 1) a single account may have been included in more than one Government Data Request; 2) an individual user may have multiple accounts that were specified in one or more Government Data Requests; 3) if a Government Data Request specified an account that does not exist, that nonexistent account would nevertheless be included in our count of Government Specified Accounts; and 4) if a Government Data Request demanded information about accounts that satisfy specified criteria (e.g., accounts registered under a particular proper name or accounts associated with a particular phone number) and we determined that it was appropriate to produce data in response to the request, we would report the total number of accounts about which information was produced to the government in connection with that Government Data Request.

Government Data Request

Legal process to a Yahoo entity from a government agency seeking information about Yahoo accounts and/or the activity of Yahoo users within Yahoo products. The Government Data Requests reflected in this report are generally made in connection with criminal investigations, but also include those from government entities in connection with non-criminal matters.


Data that our users create, communicate, and store on or through our services. This could include words in a communication (e.g., Mail or Messenger), photos on Flickr, files uploaded, Yahoo Address Book entries, Yahoo Calendar event details, thoughts recorded in Yahoo Notepad or comments or posts on Yahoo Answers or any other Yahoo property.


Non-content data such as basic subscriber information (including the information captured at the time of registration, such as an alternate e-mail address, name, location, and IP address), login details, billing information, and other transactional information (e.g., “to,” “from,” and “date” fields from email headers).

No Data Found

Yahoo produced no data in response to the Government Data Request because no responsive data could be found (i.e., the account didn’t exist or there was no data for the date range specified by the request).


Yahoo may have possessed data responsive to the Government Data Request, but none was produced because of a defect or other problem with the Government Data Request (e.g., the government agency sought information outside its jurisdiction or the request only sought data that could not be lawfully obtained with the legal process provided). This category also includes Government Data Requests that were withdrawn after being received by Yahoo. We carefully review Government Data Requests for legal sufficiency and interpret them narrowly in an effort to produce the least amount of data necessary to comply with the request.