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Government Removal Requests

We also recognize our role as a global company in promoting freedom of expression wherever we do business.

Ron Bell, General Counsel

Like other technology and communications companies, Yahoo receives requests from governments around the world to either remove content from our services or to review such content to determine if it should be removed for inconsistency with a product's community guidelines or our Terms of Service.

Governments may ask companies like Yahoo to remove or review content for many different reasons. For example, some content removals are requested due to allegations of defamation, impersonation, or harassment, while others are due to allegations that the content violates local laws prohibiting hate speech or adult content.  Whatever the allegation, we carefully review each request and respond in accordance with our Global Principles for Responding to Government Requests.

For each country listed below we report the number of Government Removal Requests received during the specified reporting period, the number of items specified in the requests, and the percentage of requests in response to which some content was removed. While we endeavor to make this data as complete as possible, we only include in our numbers requests that we identify as being from a government agency. If a government agency used a Report Abuse link, for example, we wouldn’t be able to identify the party making the request to remove content and would not include that request in our statistics.  We continue to work to track these requests.

Requests By Country

Country Requests Items Specified Compliance Rate
Brazil 1 1 100%
India 1 2 0%
Ireland 1 1 100%
Italy 2 12 58%
Russia 2 2 50%
Singapore 1 1 100%
United Kingdom 1 1 0%
United States 1 2 0%

Government Removal Requests: Illustrative Examples

Brazil - We received a request from a Brazilian government authority to remove a question from Yahoo Answers that sought information regarding how to obtain services that are illegal in Brazil.  We removed the question after determining it violated Yahoo’s Terms of Service.

India - We received a request from an Indian law enforcement agency to remove two articles appearing on Yahoo India News.  We rejected the request because it lacked a proper legal basis.

Ireland - We received a request from an Irish law enforcement agency to remove a Flickr video of sexually-graphic material posted without the consent of the person depicted.  We removed the video (and deactivated the account) after determining the video violated Flickr’s Community Guidelines.

Italy - We received a request from an Italian law enforcement agency to remove ten comments from Yahoo Answers, on the basis that the comments contained defamatory material that violated Italian law.  We removed seven of the comments after determining they violated Yahoo’s Terms of Service.

Russia - We received two separate requests from a Russian government authority, each requesting we block access in Russia to a Flickr image on the basis that the respective images were allegedly prohibited pornographic material.  We removed one of the images (and deactivated the account) after determining the image violated Flickr’s Community Guidelines, but did not remove the other image (or take action on the other account) because that image did not violate Flickr’s Community Guidelines.

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